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Everyone's journey is different.


With the ever-changing landscape and future, sometimes it is a challenge to figure out which is the best route.


This expedition will not be lonely if you allow someone to walk it with you.


Be it for a new product launch, guidelines, or process to be in place - BDVA will collaborate with you to maximise the potential and vision.  


New companies can expect creative ways and permutations to innovate their brand. As for existing companies, we will then help figure out to assemble them into the next level.


BDVA is a retail marketing agency to explore and support brands be seen in a different light.


About BDVA
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A career that spans three lives: unexpected engineer; creative PR-events consultant; and retail intuitive "afashionado"...


In his early years, Brendan developed an interest in Science hence he pursued chemical engineering. One thing led to another after military service, public relations came knocking on his door. So he hung up his engineering shoes and went with them. 


He managed accounts that comprise technology, education, and lifestyle clients over the six years of PR / events. The work in agencies helped him develop an eye for design and creativity hence propelled Brendan into the world of Fashion. 


With cross-functional expertise in visual merchandising, merchandising, and project management; he is now over a decade long in the retail business. The experience covers regional luxury companies, department stores, and VM principal developing guidelines for brands.


Key brands notably he worked for are HUGO BOSS, Burberry, Celine, Givenchy, RAOUL, and Robinsons.


BDVA was founded in early 2019 by Brendan with an interest to cultivate great retailtainment solutions. He believes collaboration and long-term working relationships are a way to unearth the potential of companies out there. 

As of July 2020, he is with local IPC Charity Daughters Of Tomorrow leading the communications team to drive Public Relations, Brand Development & Strategy, and Marketing efforts.


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